Prepaid Real Estate Commission Makes Sense. For The Underwater Homeowner It Makes Perfect Sense.

Prepaid Real Estate Commission Is Here!

A quick Google search for the term “Prepaid” gives a good indication the products and services we are willing to prepay, so few would blame me if I were to start my argument by pointing out all the other industries offering prepayment as an option. Some of you by now are even saying to yourselves, prepaying real estate commission is not the same thing as prepaying for other products or services. Prepaying for many of the things we consume as human has long been a viable purchasing method, but to apply the prepaid concept to selling a home is met with confusion from the word go.

The fact is, prepaying is not new to the marketing world and applying a prepaid process to the real estate industry would solve a few important issues. If you think about the reasons used to market prepaid products and services, from substantial savings to peace of mind then why would you not want to achieve the same results when making what will probably be the biggest purchase one will make in their lifetime.

In my opinion, the industry owes it to their customers to help them keep more of their money. I am not saying this as a feel good statement. My attempt here is not to show the public, real estate professionals are a caring bunch, though we should be. The truth is all fifty states have real estate licensing laws, designed to protect the public. Specific articles in the real estate law states, no Broker or Salesperson shall put their own financial interest before that of their client(s). This fact alone is a compelling enough argument to consider prepaid commission as an option.

The bottom line is the real estate industry is hurting, as are their clients and they both could use a little help. Take the underwater homeowners for example, who have few options if forced to sell quickly due to some unforeseen circumstance. If an underwater homeowner does not receive, the necessary proceeds from the sell of their home, the market will more then likely lose a customer. If the market’s goal is to keep home ownership up, then it’s incumbent upon the market’s professionals to help homeowners take more money, not less with them to their next transaction.

Over the last nine years of marketing Prepaid Real Estate Commissions the typical response to its uniqueness has been, “Why would anyone pay in advance for a transaction that takes place years from now? My answer to that question today is the same answer I gave when first asked that question so many years ago, “To Save Money.” Prepaying at its very foundation is a money saving strategy. As real estate professionals, getting the home sold is not our only job, it includes developing a clear strategy to help our clients achieve their property and financial goals.

Please visit: for more information. If you would like to get your home into the program, contact me, William Watkins Managing Broker/Owner of Wisdom Realty at 815-349-4511 . Don’t worry about finding a participating real estate Broker, once the homeowners start driving the demand, finding a real estate professional to offer you this option will not be a problem. Trust me on this one!

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