To promote your website, you first must determine what you are promoting then how to do it. That starts with understanding the need for keyword analysis. Since the keyword (which, of course, can be several words strung together) corresponds to what prospective clients may be entering into the Google search box, identifying the word(s) that meet two qualifications is a must. First, there must be a large enough search volume, and secondly, the less competitive terms offer the earliest success possibilities. I use the Google Keyword Suggestion tool the's free and it works. What does everyone else use? Do you use tools like Keyword Spy or WordTracker or Keyword Discovery or something else?

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I've used Wordtracker in the past (we're talking YEARS ago) which is a paid service. From my experience in gathering SEO keywords for clients, what I got from Wordtracker wasn't much different than the free Google Keyword tool. Wordtracker did provide some different words among various search engines (Popular words on Google vs. Yahoo vs. Ask, etc.). However, it wasn't worth the price in my opinion. This was particularly true once Google pulled away from the pack, taking the lion share of searchers with them. When the search engines were more competitively matched there was a benefit to comparing and contrasting. Now? Not so much. That's not to say other search engines are inferior - I still use yahoo and bing from time to time as other people do, I'm sure. It's just that when I'm aiming for keywords I find setting your sites on Google is the way to go.



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