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Welcome to MyLionra: The Real Estate Network!

Welcome to MyLionra: The Real Estate Network!

MyLionra was founded in October of 2011 to allow real estate industry professionals to connect, share information and send and receive referrals.

We've had great success in accomplishing this goal and now we're working hard to take MyLionra to the next level.  Our new platform helps promote your listings, increase your income, strengthen your internet presence and show clients your marketing skills. We now have the ability get your listings indexed and displayed on the first page of Google's search results in 24 hours of publishing on Mylionra.com. Additionally, Mylionra is now setup to give you back-link credit with all major search engines.

With over a decade of experience in both the real estate and mortgage industries, we personally understand the daily struggles that you face. We provide our members with amazing marketing opportunities and absolutely free membership.

As the network grows, we will be able to provide our members with more features and tools that help them to earn more money with less work. Every single member is important, so please share your knowledge and questions in our forum.

One of the more important benefit is our groups. You can establish a group of local industry professionals to network, give and receive help, share trusted vendors, promote your pocket listings and post your needs for unique pocket listings. You can also join or form groups for niche markets.  For example, members have created niche groups for log home specialist, REO specialist and new home specialist.


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