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The Other Agent Said They'd Do It For Less Commission

So you're finally on the listing appointment, you've prepared, researched, set aside time, got over the fears and anxieties of walking up to the front door.  You've walked through the home and discussed your marketing plan, the right price and they like what you have to say but "The other agent agreed to reduce their commission"

So you you do one of two things.  You agree to reduce yours or you powerfully and confidently handle this objection and ask them to sign with you at your…


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The Secrets To Objection Handling

The Secrets To Objection Handling

Guys if you’re in real estate, accept that you’re going to get objections!

All sellers want the most money for their home, they want you to cut your commission, they want lots of advertising, and open houses, they only want to list for 30 days, etc.  All buyers say they’re “good” without talking with a lender, want to look before being qualified, want to see every home on the market before they buy, don’t need an agent; and the list goes…


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How Do You Find The Time For Everything?

If you missed our business planning call last week the fifth topic we discussed was scheduling and time management.  Two of the most important factors in having a highly successful business.  One of the biggest keys to this business not consuming you is following a daily schedule.  The more consistent you are with your daily routine the more consistent your results will be, the less time it will take, and the more control you’ll have over both your life and your business.



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Upper Marlboro Home Sales

Most buyers I’ve encountered in the last 6 months have expressed an interest in purchasing in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. As I search the MLS, I’m finding it much harder to find a desired home for them. The reason is very logical, there are not a lot of home in the Upper Marlboro inventory. A year ago there were 305 homes in the listing inventory. As of the end of October there were just 186, a decrease of 39%. Of the 186 available listings, 66 are bank mediated. The  small inventory can be…


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Make It Easy

The Fourth topic in my business planning call was Tips for creating efficiency in your business and systems

You want to make handling your business as easy and as efficient as possible. 

As I've mentioned in my previous articles, I’ve ran a business from 35 deals to over 140 over the years.  And I’ve used the same systems throughout the duration. They’re simple, manual, and most of all efficient.  They are set up so that anyone can hop in and help and so that I…


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More From Our Business Planning Call If You Missed It

Our Third Topic on our call was Ideas For Creating Business…

So there’s nothing really new and exciting here guys.  I know, you were hoping for that magic pill or button you could just push or take.  And guys, if there were one I would be one of the first to take it or push it, but unfortunately, there isn’t.

Here’s where the name of our company comes in, YOU’RE The Difference!  What YOU choose to do in your business every single day will determine your…


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Did You Miss It?

Did you miss your business planning call?  If you did here’s a glimpse of what we talked about in regard to planning for next year:  

Let’s make 2013 YOUR year!  

Why and how could it be the best year you’ve ever had? Simply choosing, claiming, planning for, and intending it to be a great year, is a good start.  And why, because you say so! 

I’m sure everyone has heard of a business plan, yet a lot of real estate agents don't actually write a business plan for their…


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Don't Forget

I wanted to remind you of the invitation to join my annual business planning call tomorrow.  Its a call that is designed for my current coaching clients and I decided to open it up for guests as well.  My passion is to truly give back and make a difference for Realtors as we work our way to recovery in the housing industry.

My intention is to inspire you toward strongly finishing this year and making 2013 YOUR year!
Again, the topics we will discuss…

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We have access to a supply of REO and NOTE packages

We have access to a supply of REO and NOTE packages from Lenders all over the Untied States. We are looking for motivated Investors who want to purchase REO and NOTE packages in bulk. We have small and large packages available for purchase. We sell SFR, Duplex, Condos, Apartment Complex, Hotels, and Commercial properties.


You will need proof of funds LOI and a summary of what you want to buy, this is MANDATORY, you will…


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Time, Schedule, Systems & Efficiency

Aren’t these things something we could all use help with?  Well guess what?  I’m doing a FREE one hour call THIS Thursday November 12th at 12:00 EST and I’m going to talk about this AND 5 other topics on how to grow your business.  At the end I’ll stay on the line for a 15 minute Q & A.

This is not intended as a sales pitch to sell you anything it’s designed to contribute to you and toward helping you make 2013 YOUR year!

I just finished writng the content for the call and…


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October 2012 - Washington, DC and Prince George’s County Home Sales

The Real Estate Business Intelligence headline for November reads October DC Metro Market Sees Highest Annual Price Gain since Dec 2005” The market data for Prince George’s County showed a positive growth in the following three statistical areas: Closed Sales, Median Sold Price and Average Sold Price when compared to the September month-over-month data.  The Median Sold Price showed a substantial increase from $170,000 to $180,000; the Average Sold…


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It takes both desire and discipline to make it in any sales business but especially real estate and the market conditions we’ve been under.  Although it is finally starting to show improvement in man…

It takes both desire and discipline to make it in any sales business but especially real estate and the market conditions we’ve been under.  Although it is finally starting to show improvement in many areas, the business has undoubtedly changed over the last several years.

Desire and discipline go hand in hand.  Rarely can you have what you want in life without having the desire to get it, and the discipline to do what you need to do to get there.

The desire comes first.  Your…


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Welcome to Sarasota Florida

     The Sarasota - Lakewood Ranch area offers a wide variety of other attractions and amenities to fit every lifestyle. - something to fit      everyone's taste and dreams.

     Once known primarily as a vacation or retirement destination, metropolitan Sarasota today is known as the "crown jewel" of Florida's Sun Coast offering sophisticated arts, world-class shopping and dining, and every imaginable sports venue including many public and private golf courses, some among the best in…


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Expired Listings

Just reading the words makes some of you nervous on various levels I'm sure.  Both having a listing expire yourself, and thinking about calling on an expired listing.

I have built my business by calling and mailing to expired and FSBO listings.  As a listing agent myself, I've had listings expire and had the seller relist with a different agent.  It happens to all of us and is completely okay.  Your life and your business will go on if your sellers don't relist with you.  Of course as…


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A Free Call

 We finally have a date for our year end business planning call where we'll discuss tips…


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