I intended to talk about luxury homes exclusively and when I started I realized, that the buying public may have very different ideas about what a luxury home is...

                 1. Does Luxury mean  5 M or more in market value?

2. Is it its particularly wonderful location or rarely available location?

                 3. Or may be the amenities inside the home?

4.The architectural so unique construction?

                 5. How many rooms in all?

6.Or is luxury having all the extras, like indoor pool, several fire places, movie theatre, pond, library,

guest house etc. etc.

                   7. New, old, or classic ????

8. Or the most exquisite gardens and grounds

Well all of the above is of course always in the eye of the beholder.... But I know that grand and big can be very impressive but then may be not all  LUXURY AND Then a much smaller property could ooze Luxury around every corner.

And I know luxury 100 years ago,  50 years ago and today are very different things...

But I think I want to offer some insights and thought provoking ideas concerning Luxury, Price and Taste...

As Realtors we all know when taking buyer clients out to see homes, we have a wish list how many bedrooms, baths, fireplaces, other additional rooms, lot size, garage size, finished basement and so forth, and then we walk into homes that may have all of the above but each one is yes different it is own individual way, like every tree in the forest. And one day they walk into the PERFECT home for that buyer, they fall in love with the home, they like everything about it.

Is that home luxury to them or not? It may very well be THEIR LUXURY HOME.

When already living in a 3 or 4 M dollar home, is that one luxury, or thinking about the next home a bit more modern, newer on a larger lot with a better view and a pool/pool house, is that one going to be their luxury home when they find it at may be 8 M dollars?

Is luxury that it has everything we want or ever wanted, or is luxury when the home has more and is much bigger than others?

I will think a bit more about it ......    L u x u r y     H o m e s

Edith YourChicagoConnection & YourRealtor4Life! http://www.tinyurl.com/MeetEdithHere

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