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My husband owns Amerispec Home Inspections in Jupiter, and is very interested in finding out what Realtors are currently having issues with, with their clients.  Issues seem to run in spells for some reason...mold?  wind mits?

Also, I've been showing a lot of foreclosures lately (under 100K) and so  many have the guts ripped out of them - basically a shell most of the time.  Do any of you do any type of inspection on this type of home?  (AC Compressor gone, electric panel gone, copper pipes and copper wire gone, flooring ripped out etc. )  What really is there to inspect?  Would just a walk through consult on the structure work better? 


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Hi Kent -

I have a couple of investors looking at homes in a certain area that tend to be gutted.  They both happen to be in the construction field, so are able to estimate costs and condition pretty well.  We figure going in , that they are buying a "shell" so to speak.  So I do agree with you on that - home inspectors are supposed to report on the condition of the home as of that snapshot when they are there, for information for the potential homeowner on what they are buying.  It does seem to me that you are right when there is a lot of work to be done, a contractor would be better qualified to give estimates on renovation and repairs.  ie. - if there isn't any plumbing left...you need to know how much it would be to put in plumbing...

Nothing to inspect...it's gone...

Thanks - Cindy



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